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Welcome to the Hamburg Messe und Congress Media Server!

Welcome to the Hamburg Messe und Congress Media Server! In this area you will find a wealth of photographic material from SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair, for reviewing and downloading. To log-in as a guest, simply click the "Login" button.

All images, graphics and/or video files are protected by copyright and ancillary copyright laws. They may be used exclusively for journalistic reporting about Hamburg Messe, its events and its subsidiary companies. Any other use of such images, graphics and/or videos, in particular, their sale or non-commercial distribution to third parties, is expressly prohibited. The same applies to all images, graphics and videos showing individuals who are not
public persons, not participating in an assembly or event, or more than part of the random
background of the image, graphic and/or video.

For questions or assistance regarding picture selections or using
the media server, feel free to contact us via our Contact page.